Support For Individuals, Couples & Families

Counseling and Psychological Testing Available. 

Individual Therapy

Adaptive Reorientation, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Trauma-focused, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and more.

Couples/Family Therapy

Family Systems Counseling, Positive Discipline Approaches and Couples Assessments.

Group Therapy

Anger Management, Parenting Skills, Grief Support and more.

Psychological Testing

Comprehensive psychological and
psychoeducational assessments.

Christian Therapy

Spiritual direction and faith-based interventions.


Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner, Certified Quit Success® Smoking Cessation Specialist, and Certified NESTA® Sports Hypnosis Hypnotist.

History of The Stone House

When J. Cleveland Bledsoe and his wife built a residence at 201 McNulty Street in Blythewood, SC, in 1948 they had no idea their house would eventually become a house for healing and health for the entire community.  They built “The Stone House”, one of the few houses in Blythewood constructed with Winnsboro Blue Granite and it became known as “The Bledsoe House”.

The home was purchased by the Peggy Blume (Norton) Jeffcoat family in 1961, then owned by Irene (Andes) V. Shepherd in 1969 and finally purchased by Trinity United Methodist Church in 2010.  Under the direction of Ed Farnell and the Board of Trustees of Trinity Church, church members have been undertaking extensive renovation of the property for the past year.  The Church has recently written a Vision and Five Year Ministry Plan and has the goal of broadening the ministry of the Blythewood Counseling Center under Initiative Four, Community Ministry.  The Center has been housed at Trinity Church for eight years and was moved to “The Stone House”  in fall 2018 so the ministry could  be expanded, belong to and reach out to the entire Blythewood community.  

The Team

Hello! I’m Dr. Erin Schuyler, PsyD

(pronounced Skyler)

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

For new patients and intakes please email:
or call Mrs. Martha Banda at (803) 881-8344

Phone: 803.200.1770
Fax: (803) 335-5426

Changes and transitions in life are sometimes hard to manage alone. These uncomfortable feelings are a signal that it’s time for something to change. As a licensed clinical psychologist, I encourage my clients to identify life’s obstacles while creating strategies to work towards their goals. I believe my job is to walk alongside my clients as they unpack their experience, whether its discouragement, anxiety or traumatic. My sessions provide continued safety and validation, all at your own pace.

Working with clients of all ages, I can assist you in exploring your options and making choices that are more adaptive. My goal is to help you gain confidence and feel more in control. Together we can discover ways to improve your comfort with yourself and those you care about, whether you are dealing with a loss or one of the other bumps along life’s road.

Coming from an Adlerian background, I focus on the present and address clients’ histories in ways that can promote a greater understanding of how past experiences contribute to who they are today. With this insight, clients are able to reorient themselves to a healthier style of life. Within family therapy, your values will be highlighted while learning how to use a positive discipline approach.

Additionally, working around the country, I understand firsthand how critical it is to have a culturally sensitive and experienced therapist. To maximize the effects of therapy, the relationship between the client and therapist is extremely important! I have experience working with our veteran population and dual diagnosis. My extensive experience in evidence based treatments for PTSD have been successful in treating a wide variety of individuals. In my practice, I utilize aspects of Adaptive Reorientation, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), as these approaches work well for a wide variety of issues.

Dr. Karly Stroup, PsyD, ABPP

Phone: 330.519.1788

I am an energetic licensed clinical psychologist who is offering comprehensive psychological and psychoeducational assessments to the growing Blythewood and Northeast communities! I use a variety of diagnostic methods to capture each individual’s profile of strengths and weaknesses. I asses the person’s level of functioning, including attention, memory, learning skills, language skills, nonverbal reasoning, organizational skills and problem solving. I investigate whether the person is experiencing any emotional distress that is severe enough to meet criteria for a formal diagnosis,such as a depressive or anxiety disorder.

An assessment can be critical in treatment planning. For example, when a child is struggling with behavioral and academic difficulties, this could be a result of several factors (mental health problems, social skills deficits, learning disability, ADHD, etc.). The findings could inform educators and other providers of how to better support the child’s needs.

Please contact me to initiate a free phone consultation to discuss whether an assessment would be appropriate. Whether Autism, ADHD, learning disability, giftedness, mood/anxiety, I commit that you will receive a respectful, in depth look at the issue of the potential causes and make recommendations that will be useful in managing or solving the problem.

Hello! I’m Michael Burney, CH

Phone: 803-500-5077
Website: ( Visit for more information and scheduling )

Columbia Hypnosis Director, Michael Burney, holds certifications from The American Board of Hypnotherapy, The International Association of Professional Conversational Hypnotists and the Association of EFT Professionals, He is a Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner, Certified Quit Success® Smoking Cessation Specialist, and Certified NESTA® Sports Hypnosis Hypnotist. He holds a Medical Hypnosis Certification and Certification by Take Shape For Life® in partnership with C.O.P.E* *MacDonald Center for Obesity Prevention and Education, College of Nursing at Villanova University.

Dr. Don Hillyard

Phone: 803-394-1207

Dr. Don Hillyard is an (SC/LMFT) licensed marriage and family therapist in South Carolina.  He is Board Certified as a National Certified Counselor by the National Board of Certified Counselors and is a Licensed Professional Counselor in North Carolina and a Mental Health Counselor in New York State.  He has personally trained with Albert Ellis and John Gottman.

His specialties are Family Systems Counseling, Trauma therapy using EMDR, Prepare-Enrich Couple Assessments, and Spiritual Direction, serving as a highly successful  parish minister with four ABC/USA  churches in NYS for 35 years.

Dr. Hillyard loves people and has brought helpful insight and direction to 1000’s of younger and older people for many years.  His fee for therapy is according to ability to pay and he works with Employee Assistance Programs and Insurance plans.  He has founded and directs the Stone House Counseling Center in Blythewood, SC.

Loretta Harris, LPC

Phone: 803.586.0237

Hello. I am Loretta Harris.  I am Licensed Professional Counselor, a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional and a Certified Sexual Offender Treatment Provider. I obtained my Masters’ Degree in Professional Counseling with an emphasize in Mental Health from Webster University in May 2006. My background includes community mental health services (families, children and teenagers) and correctional behavioral mental health services for male and female offenders.  My preferred counseling orientation is based on person-centered and cognitive-behavioral theory. Subsequently, counseling is individualized for each client and occurs within the context of each client’s belief system.

Healing is a process, let’s get to that place  

Salves Counseling Services, LLC Therapeutic Services include:

  • Individual (Adults & Children)
  • Couples
  • Family
  • Groups

Specializations Include: Trauma, depression, anxiety, and sex offender treatment

Insurance is not accepted at this time. Sliding scale fee is an option

Sessions are available telehealth or telephonically.  

Dr. Stewart G. Young, MD

Phone: 803-834-9553

Dr. Young is establishing a private practice for the purpose of providing time to talk with a doctor in order to discuss whatever issues, concerns, or questions you may have about your own health and medical care, or that of those who are under your care.

Clients will not become medical patients of Dr. Young in the traditional sense.  Rather, 30-60 minute visits will serve the purpose of augmenting current medical care by the clients’ primary care providers and specialists, with a view to reducing anxiety, frustration, and confusion from our complex medical care system; striving to help clients to better help themselves; and, to help patients help their medical providers to better help them.

Dr. Young is a retired General Practitioner who served the Columbia area for 32 years, working at First Care on Decker Blvd. with Dr. Stephen Izard for 29 years, and at Blythewood Family Practice for three years.  After serving as a Marine Corps helicopter pilot from 1972-78, and completing his undergraduate education, graduating Summa cum laude from Clemson in 1981, he attended the USC School of Medicine, graduating in 1985, and completed one year of post-graduate training in the Family Practice Residency at Richland Memorial Hospital.

To make an appointment with Dr. Young, call the number, above, and leave a voice mail; or, send an email, including your phone number, to the above address.  Please plan to bring to your visit a list of your medications, including the diagnosis for which each is taken: and, a list of your major concerns.

The charge for a 60 minute visit is $100.00, cash; a graduated fee scale is available, with prior approval. Insurance will not be filed.

The Stone House

Physical Address
Blythewood Counseling Center
201 McNulty Street
Blythewood, SC 29016

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 312
Blythewood, SC 29016

Hypnosis guides you to harness the power of your thoughts, feelings, and actions to make the life changes you desire.

The process isn’t magic, although the results can be profound.

Your only conception of hypnosis may be from the movies or a stage show. Columbia Hypnosis provides science-based sessions that facilitate behavioral change, overcoming fears, stress management, improved sports performance, the management of chronic discomfort, and much more.

Hypnosis is defined as an altered state characterized by deep relaxation, highly focused attention, and an openness to suggestions which are positive and foster desired personal improvement.

Consulting Hypnotist, Michael Burney, is also a Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner. This unique modality is often used in collaboration with traditional therapy for enhanced improvement of symptoms associated with traumatic experiences. In these cases, Mr. Burney requires a licensed counselor or physician refer these clients.

Consulting Hypnotist, Michael Burney offers free phone strategy sessions. Interested potential clients can book an appointment to receive a call from Mr. Burney at

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